DS Hortitrade


Havenstraat 49
Monster , ZH
52° 1' 7.1436" N, 4° 10' 23.52" E
Zuid Holland
tel +31 (0)174 44 66 83

Business hours

Mon-Thu 8h-17h

Fri 8h-16h

Hangars, greenhouses and barns
Operations on products

Schoonmaken van de onderdelen, reviseren, eventuele herstellingen

DS Hortitrade was founded in 2010 as a sister company of Debets Schalke, which since 1985 has grown into one of the largest greenhouse builders in the Netherlands. Although today Debets Schalke focuses almost exclusively on selling turnkey greenhouse projects, it still offers used greenhouses and greenhouse materials through DS Hortitrade.

Growers will find greenhouses at DS Hortitrade up to several hectares in size that are delivered as a kit, whether or not accompanied by a team that supervises the construction. DS Hortitrade is also specialised in used horticultural machinery and accessories, and can therefore provide a full range of recuperated equipment for horticulturalists.

It is also possible to buy the parts of the greenhouses at DS Hortitrade. Any second-hand parts can still serve as replacement parts for existing greenhouses, or be sold to other companies for the construction of all kinds of shelters.

Last modified: 5/11/2021