Kameleon BVBA


Lindestraat 10
9080 Lochristi
51° 7' 22.5408" N, 3° 48' 7.7652" E
mobile +32497067846

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Structural timberTechnical installations

Technical installations: only electrical wiring

Operations on products

Testing of electrical wiring

Kameleon BVBA, founded in 2010, sells new wall and roof panels and accessories as their core business. As for reuse, they deal in reclaimed electrical installation material and large laminated trusses and beams.

The electrical wiring from industrial sites is dismantled, thoroughly tested and sold. Their stock consists of several thousand running metres of cables of different diameters, as well as a limited number of fuse boxes and sockets. Large used laminated roof trusses that were used in swimming pools, sports halls, industrial halls are bought and - with or without a stopover in their depot - placed with the customer.

The stock is largely listed on their website. For questions about the available materials or to make an appointment, please contact the business managers directly. 

Last modified: 9/7/2021