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Cleaning of the parts, possible repairs

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Kerklaan Greenhouses & Horti Materials has been active in the reclamation and construction of professional horticultural greenhouses since 1993. The company specialises in the entire chain of reuse; from dismantling, cleaning and repair to the resale, design and construction of greenhouses.

Horticulturalists can come to Kerklaan for complete greenhouses up to several hectares in size. These can be supplied as building kits, with or without a team supervising the construction, but Kerklaan can also take on the entire construction process. Kerklaan offers various types of greenhouses, accessories and machines. Their range for professionals can be consulted on their website or on their page at

Some greenhouses are not sold as a whole, but in parts. These are suitable for repairs to existing greenhouses, but can also be used in small hobby greenhouses or shelters. A site visit provides the best overview of the materials that may be suitable for a specific project.

Last modification: 27/11/2023