Eeuwenhout Antoine Verhofstede


Veldstraat 365
9140 Temse Velle

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 7h30-12h & 13h-18h | Sat 8h-12h | other times by appointment

Eeuwenhout’s speciality: wood that has lived. The building has established a collaboration with Amish communities in the USA for the disassembly of old barns; As a result, 90% of the materials on offer come from across the Atlantic. This market, very popular in Belgium, is the pride and joy of the manager, Antoine Verhofstede. The remaining 10 % are cheese maturing boards from the Netherlands and France. Depending on the width of the cheeses, they are reused as wood flooring.

Hout-Idee, the sister company, sells new and artificially aged timber and offers a range of wooden interior development items.

Last modification: 27/11/2023