Bourgogne Matériaux Anciens

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Created at the end of the 1980s, Bourgogne Matériaux Anciens is specialised in the sale of old building materials. Located in Marmagne in the heart of the Burgundy forests, Gilles Dumay welcomes you to his site where a wide variety of materials are stored. These materials are bought and recovered from demolition and deconstruction sites in Burgundy, Côte d'Or and Saône-et-Loire. 

Thus, it is possible to find floor elements such as Burgundy stone paving, terracotta tiles and stone pavers, but also architectural antiques, stone fireplaces, ironwork or wooden structures. These materials are local and intended for professionals and private individuals, in France but also abroad in countries such as the United States and Switzerland.

Part of the company's activity is focused on the re-edition of floor tiles, grills and gates, fountains and decorative elements as well as firebacks.


Last modification: 27/11/2023