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Created in 1991, the ARES Group (Association for Economic and Social Reintegration) is the leading player in the field of social integration through economic activity in Ile-de-France. ARES employs on a daily basis around 700 people on integration courses, and 250 permanent employees (support functions, production, social support).

Among its many activities, ARES offers a range of services related to the circular economy, and in particular the recycling of construction materials, from selective removal during the cleaning of buildings (with a speciality in the tertiary sector) to a global proposal for the optimal recycling of materials: packaging and transfer for reuse, reutilisation or closed-loop recycling. The company studies and chooses the most suitable outlets according to the materials diagnosed, monitors operations, and provides certificates and traceability of materials (certificate of resale, donation, treatment).

Since 2020, ARES' R4 project aims to create a physical reuse platform, making it possible to link its selective disposal and reuse activities on the one hand, and its recycling and transformation activities for reuse on the other. ARES will thus acquire a space for storing and processing materials, with a view to massifying flows, enabling their reuse on new building sites, and also enabling the professionalisation of employees on integration programmes who will then be able to work in different trades. This project should serve as a large-scale deployment of the group's activities related to the reuse.

Last modification: 07/06/2024