De Mey-Fassaert


Doornpark 40
9120 Beveren-Waas

VAT BE 0473-526-185

Opening hours

Tues - Fri 9h-12h / 13h30-18h | Sat 9h-12h | Mon (afternoon)-Sat-Sun by appointment.

Raf de Keersmaeker was originally a haulage contractor; Owning a huge plot of land, he gradually became involved in selling reclaimed materials. His flagship products are stone flooring (especially Bourgogne flagstones) and old bricks. The stock is occasionally supplemented by artificially aged bricks.
His business, under the name De Mey-Fassaert, offers a cleaning service for the materials. It also has a number of vehicles enabling deliveries and removals. Their clientèle is divided equally between private individuals and trade.
They also have machinery available for hire.


Last modification: 27/11/2023