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Maison Vignette

Briques et autres matériaux de réemploi pour une maison neuve

Le projet portait sur la construction d'une maison unifamiliale mitoyenne sur une parcelle non bâtie, à Auderghem (Bruxelles). La maison est conçue à partir de deux volumes organisés autour d’un patio...

Hergebuiksteen in speklagen

Toiletten voor de Chiro van Itterbeek

Naast de oude boerderij die de Chiro van Itterbeek (Dilbeek) huisvest, vinden we een nieuw gebouwtje dat dienst doet als sanitair blok. Deze uitbreiding, ontworpen door Rotor, is nauwelijks als “nieuw...

Gebureerde veldovensteen

Project Violet in Antwerpen

Woning Vignette, Karbon’ architecture et urbanisme

Materiaalallianties: hergebruik en bio-based

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Transport Dismanteling
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Mortar residue cleaning

Family business Franck, currently run by Jan and his daughter Louise, started in 1973 in the demolition and reclamation sector, specialising in the reuse of bricks. After dismantling, which is carried out by the company itself or by a demolition contractor, the bricks are sorted, cleaned and stacked on pallets at Franck's premises in order to deliver them ready for installation. The company also sells reclaimed slate and cover stone to a lesser extent.

In addition to private individuals, the company also reaches out to professionals (architects, contractors...) and enjoys working with them. This regularly results in beautiful projects that prove that it is possible to build very contemporary with reclaimed elements and that reclaimed elements also have a lot to offer aesthetically. 

The company employs many professionals who guide the customers to the right brick for the right application, because the choice is broad at Franck: Beerse / Boom bricks, Klamp bricks, Paepe bricks, Veldoven bricks, etc. The company is also regularly active as an advisor or supplier on the sites of pilot projects in Belgium, which are making a renewed commitment to the use of reclaimed materials.

For their efforts - in 2020 alone they brought 6,000 tonnes of bricks back into circulation - they received the Circubuild-award that year. 

Last modification: 27/11/2023