Frank Pouwer


Fonteinallee 22
6865 ND Doorwerth

Opening hours

Mon: 13h - 17h
Tue - Fri: 08h - 17h
Sat: 08h - 16h
Sun: closed

Frank Pouwer started in with the buying and selling of used and historical construction material. Soon he developed a far reaching passion for antique wood and that is why he has been specialized exclusively in this construction material.

Since 2015 you will receive a very warm welcome at Frank Pouwer in the new company location in Doorwerth: an impressive old stone factory located next to a magnificent nature reserve close to the Rhine.

In the meantime the stock has expanded into one of the largest historical wood supplies in Western Europe. At Frank Pouwer, you will find an extensive and extremely diverse assortment of different types of wood and dimensions. It consists of practically the entire spectrum of antique wood, from oak wagon planks to exclusive old floors. Besides the sale, you can also have the wood cut to size, brushed, sand blasted, greyed out or even have them make a piece of furniture with the wood. Besides planks and floors, Frank Pouwer also offers a large supply of structural wood. Heavy dimensions and long lengths are abundantly available.

All the wood that arrives at Frank has its nails removed and then it is dried, cleaned and sorted. Soon you will also be able to purchase all products that are necessary for maintaining the wood.

Last modification: 27/11/2023