Hout met Historie


Vuurtorenweg 16c
8531 HJ Lemmer

Opening hours

Mon - Sat: 9h-17h

Hout met Historie collects old wood from all over Europe and specialises in the processing and sale of old oak. According to them, wood is more than just a raw material, "wood bears the legacy of the life it has endured".  The wood is processed on site so that it can be used for new building projects, interior construction and in the furniture industry. For example, the old wood is used for furniture items such as dining and garden tables, floors, wall panelling, façade cladding, interior construction, kitchens and cupboards. 

Hout met Historie sells the following products, which are available in many variations: bollards, block walls, railcar boards, barnwood, old beams and railway sleepers.

Last modification: 27/11/2023