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De poutre en bois au meuble


Gevelbank est un projet initié par quelques jeunes Gantois. Leur produit parle pour soi même: un banc est attaché à une façade pour créer un endroit agréable dans la rue ou les voisins peuvent de...

Recup Design is part of Labeur vzw, a social-environmental organisation based in Ghent. Recup Design is mainly concerned with transforming recovered wood into new furniture. The wood they work with comes from many different sources: old furniture obtained through private individuals, but also floorboards, beams and planks from demolitions or renovations. They work mainly with softwood (pine), but also with oak and beech, and sometimes even with tropical hardwood. In addition, they sell scaffolding wood as a distributor of Occasionally other wooden elements can be found, such as a set of solid oak doors, a balustrade, or a staircase.

The furniture of Recup Design is custom made in their workshop on the Nieuwevaart. The wood is nailed, sawn, sanded or planed and finished according to the wishes of the client. It is also possible to have your own wooden furniture “refreshed”. Also belonging to the possibilities: interior and exterior finishings made and installed, using reclaimed wood

Since a year Labuer vzw has also started a welding studio in which they make bases for tables, gates etc. They do this mainly with newly produced metal, but they also focus on recuperated metal. In the coming years, they would like to expand the recuperation activities with other building materials such as insulation, plate material, etc.

Last modification: 27/11/2023