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Design, reuse and implementation

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Established in 1972, Établissements Nogues is involved in specific and highly technical piping, locksmithing and industrial boilerwork. As a French specialist in corbelling, the company offers a complete range of services for the passage of all networks on engineering structures: electricity, water, gas and fibre optics. From the plans drawn up by their design office and calculation notes to the complete execution of the project, from installation to maintenance of the installations, they support their customers with a guarantee of quality, safety and respect for deadlines.

Since Rémy Reixach and Simon Desrumaux took over the company in 2020, a strategic shift has been made, based on a strong and simple belief: re-use is not an option but a necessity. Indeed, the company believes that it can no longer do as it did before, without questioning its construction processes and its footprint on the planet. Nogues will therefore put all its energy into giving a second life to these metal elements.

The company is located in a 1200m² workshop 10 minutes from the centre of Toulouse. Their workshops are equipped to the highest production standards and can accommodate the metal elements to be stored, transformed and assembled while they find a second life for them.

The Nogues team is able to accompany you throughout the duration of your project: from the upstream phase (prefiguration, diagnosis, study and prototyping) to the realization (installation/dismantling on site) via the manufacturing phase.

Last modification: 27/11/2023