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The Urbastone company is specialised in the recovery, sawing and sale of paving stones. It manages stocks of both new and reused paving stones, with reused paving stones being recovered from public works companies, diggers and demolition companies.

The company has solid know-how, a well-developed storage infrastructure and a machine that allows it to saw the paving stones: it therefore supplies paving stones sawn in two as well as paving stone heads, in stone, porphyry or granite.

The company is used to working with public and private contractors on renovation and public works projects. Its installation service enables it to manage the entire process from the recovery to the installation of the paving stones. In particular, it has produced works in reused paving stones on the square in Cassel, at the château d'Hardelot and in Loos en Gohelle.

Last modification: 27/11/2023