Etablissements Muller


Ruelle du Pont Boutreux
02140 Vervins

VAT FR29302237391


lund - ven : 9h - 18h

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Asbestos removal, metal recovery, waste removal.

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Etablissements Muller was created in 1976. The company specialises in the recovery and trade of metals, the dismantling of industrial sites and installations, the sale of equipment, second-hand machine tools and tanks, asbestos removal and waste disposal.

On a three-hectare storage site that is entirely open to the public, there is a wide variety of reused steel or aluminium construction elements: structural elements (beams and profiles of all sections, bolts and nuts), roofing elements (steel tanks, sheets, cladding), various networks (HVAC ducts, cable trays) and numerous elements of industrial architecture (gates, staircases and metal curtains; overhead travelling cranes; electrical cabinets; Plexiglas sheets; etc.).

It is possible to have your purchases cut on site. The company also offers logistics services and has several storage warehouses for rent. Its customers are professional companies (craftsmen, farmers, industrialists) and private individuals.



Last modification: 27/11/2023