Le Parpaing — Association Zerm


10 rue de Babylone
59100 Roubaix


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Zerm is an architectural association created in 2015. It is involved in the production and dissemination of knowledge related to rehabilitation techniques and reuse in architecture.

Le Parpaing is the stock of reclaimed materials created and managed by the association in Roubaix. It collects and resells a wide variety of materials extracted from demolition sites: laminated panels, flexible floors, technical floors, carpets, paving and other finishing elements... The materials are packaged and stored in a former 2000m2 industrial warehouse, which is open to professionals and individuals. All materials are carefully referenced, and the catalogue of available products can be consulted on the association's website. 

The service provided by Zerm includes logistics, sales interface, storage, cleaning and reworking of materials that need it (repair, modification, etc.). Zerm also offers design assistance to find specific solutions for reusing materials, experimentation being a driving force in its approach.

In addition to promoting the circulation of building materials via Le Parpaing, Zerm carries out awareness-raising activities through exhibitions, public interventions and written contributions. The association advocates production methods with a social and civic character.



Last modification: 27/11/2023