Lemiere Matériaux Anciens

Lemiere Materiaux Anciens is specialised in the sale of materials from the deconstruction of old buildings, and welcomes you to its site of more than one hectare near Valaurie in the Drôme, where you can find a multitude of old building materials. In addition to recovery and deconstruction, the company offers stone cutting, assembly and disassembly of elements such as pillars, as well as delivery of materials on an international scale. 

Among the materials that can be found on the Valaurie site are floor coverings (tiles, flagstones, cement tiles), roof tiles, joinery, various architectural elements, stone staircases, iron gates and fences, pillars and chimneys. Eighty percent of these materials come from the region and are intended for both professionals and private individuals.

Last modification: 27/11/2023