100 Détours


10, rue de Panama


Sur Rdv

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100 Détours is a company specialised in the re-use of wooden joinery. The company has been able to create and develop a real recycling channel for old wooden windows with a network of motivated partners based in the region.

The company reuses the wood from these old windows to make new products, furniture, urban furnishings, etc.

From 2018, the first tests on the use of reclaimed wood are conclusive: aesthetic quality, stability, durability, patina of time make it an attractive base material for multiple applications... Different products are then conceptualized, prototyped and realized in order to create and propose a catalogue of reused products.

The ambition of 100 Détours is to propose a semi-industrial manufacture because the stakes are high and the resource is too important to be satisfied with a craft manufacture. 100 Détours is positioned on different markets (urban furniture, landscape, building elements, fittings and fixtures, interior furniture, garden furniture) with a common resource: old wooden exterior joinery.

The company is currently located in the workshops of a former wooden window manufacturing plant and has a very large building and storage area.

100 Détours is constantly seeking for new concepts and products, and spends time researching new techniques, textures and assemblies that will bring the wood of old windows back to life. In particular, the company works with a Nantes-based architect/designer Jérémie Koempgen who joined the company in 2018 as a shareholder and helps design new products.

Last modification: 27/11/2023