Grayo tailleur de pierre


ZI Hinval
56190 Muzillac


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Grayo tailleur de pierre is a family business created in 1979, specialised in the supply and cutting of old and new cut stone: beige, white or blue granite, Burgundy limestone, etc. Three journeymen, specialised in cutting and sculpting, work daily on the design (original or reproduction, including surveys and layout), the production of works and the installation: paving stones and slabs, lintels, arches, vaults, facades, bases, fireplaces, staircase elements, windows, wells, fountains, etc.

The various stones and stone works are mixed with other reclaimed materials sold by the company on a large outdoor plot of about 1000 m2: structural timber, terracotta bricks, tiles or even sanitary appliances and radiators according to arrivals.

Last modification: 27/11/2023