BH Matériaux Anciens


Pont Rout
82110 Lauzerte


Mon - Fri: 8h30-12h / 14h-17h30
Sat: 9h-12h


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BH Matériaux Anciens has been buying and selling antique materials for fifteen years and has deep roots in the region. With the reins recently passed to a new generation of enthusiasts, they hope to contribute to the business and the memories of Lauzerte and Quercy.
The company deals in a wide variety of building materials: terracotta tiles, stone floors and floors made from traditional materials, and more rarely sanitary fittings, parquet floors and antique fireplaces. With its large storage spaces, BH Matériaux has a huge range of items constantly on offer.
The company deals just as often with private individuals looking for small batches as with professionals with needs on a larger scale.
Their materials come from all over France, though mainly from the Quercy region. In Quercy, the company does the dismantling itself; They are happy to travel around the south west and even the south east of France if the quantities are large enough. BH Matériaux organises deliveries across France as well as internationally.


Last modification: 27/11/2023