The Reclamation Yard


Le Pré des Procureurs
16500 Ansac-sur-Vienne

VAT FR 12 449 714 989


Mon - Sat: 8h-18h

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Established in an old barrel-maker's, this Anglo-French family business specialises in selling old oak frames. Their extensive collection activity has led them to also offer parquets and other wood floors, cut stone, stone flooring, doors made of different types of wood, terracotta coverings, traditional bathroom fittings.

Terry is the manager, and he and his team supply the consignment by dismantling and/or removing materials for private individuals and demolishers. The huge storage area of 5,000m2 is mostly covered, and includes a space that is fully open to visitors.

The Reclamation Yard also invests in the reclamation of a variety of metal items, cast iron radiators and pieces of furniture for which they offer a made-to-measure restoration service. The company also advises its customers on their interior design projects and provides a delivery service. They export large quantities of wooden items, in particular to the United Kingdom and the USA.

Last modification: 27/11/2023