Antiekbouw NV


St. Krispijnstraat 9
8900 Ieper

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 8h30-12h 13h30-18h
Sat 9h-12h 14h-17h30
closed on Sundays


Antiekbouw is a fairly large business, selling wood and stone antiques. As the managers say themselves, they work with “everything except bricks and roof tiles”. Their most recent materials date from the 1930s. In Antiekbouw’s stock you will find thousands of doors, wood floors, windows, blue stone items, Bourgogne limestone and other tiles. You can also find metal sections, cast iron radiators and even bathtubs.

Next door to their showroom is a joinery workshop and a stone workshop. They can size their products and do interior design, for example creating a kitchen from reusable doors or wood floors.


Last modification: 28/02/2022