Hemelstraat, 6
4564 Sint Jansteen
51° 15' 52.2576" N, 4° 2' 58.3656" E
tel +31 (0) 114 312 512
mobile +31 (0) 655 758 371

Business hours

Thurs - Sat: 11h - 16h


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There can be no doubt that Benko thoroughly deserves its nickname of “Zeeland’s treasure trove”. When entering the company’s showroom and seeing their stock, you discover a huge quantity of doors, tiles, and especially architectural antiques, from floor to ceiling and in all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful labyrinthine space. Benko mainly focuses on objects from the period of approximately 1860 to 1950. This means you will find items of very different styles: antique armaria, industrial lamps, chairs from a long-forgotten International Exhibition, sandblasted glass, cast iron railings, etc., to mention but a few.
As well as private homes, Benko specialises in the development of shops and hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels. Its location on the Belgian-Dutch border allows them to operate in both markets.


Last modified: 15/06/2021