Fred Stolwijk B.V.


Denemarkenlaan 5
2391 PZ Hazerswoude-Dorp , ZH
52° 4' 45.264" N, 4° 37' 28.884" E
Zuid Holland
tel +31 (0)172 21 00 32

Business hours

Tue-Wed 13h-16h30

Thu 8h-12h, 13h-16h30

Fri 8h-12h, 13h-16h

Sat 9h-12h


Since the 1980s, Fred Stolwijk has focused on the demolition and construction of professional horticultural greenhouses, an efficient reuse practice that is strong in the Westland region. Since then, however, the range has diversified and the company also focuses on other constructions such as industrial halls, offices, distribution centres, etc., for which it organises the reuse process in the same way as for greenhouses.

The company recovers materials from its own demolition sites, but is primarily a trader whose stock is largely purchased from other demolition contractors in the region. In addition to greenhouse materials and accessories, Fred Stolwijk also has large quantities of insulation, wooden beams and sheet material, as well as all kinds of materials for the construction and fitting out of industrial buildings.

Fred Stolwijk works mainly business-to-business, but makes some parts of his stock, such as insulation and wood, available to private individuals via Marktplaats.

Last modified: 5/11/2021