J.H. Oosterbeek B.V.


G.P. Blankmanstraat 49
1785 CG Den Helder , NH
52° 56' 9.186" N, 4° 47' 1.464" E
Noord Holland
tel +31 (0)223 63 16 51

Business hours

Mon-Tue 16h-17h

Wed-Sat 13h30 -17h


J.H. Oosterbeek has been active as a demolition contractor since 1956, and has a diverse range of materials that it recovers from its own demolition sites. On the site, you will find steel and wooden beams, sheet material, doors, radiators, (fitted) kitchens, sanitary facilities, technical installations, etc. Both private individuals and companies can come to J.H. Oosterbeek.

The company itself does not provide for the processing or transport of materials. J.H. Oosterbeek is happy to receive customers on site to present an overview of the current stock.


Last modified: 5/11/2021