Sloopwerken Van Kessel & Zn.


Schijndelseweg 61
5491 Sint Oedenrode , NB
51° 35' 9.42" N, 5° 27' 27.414" E
Noord Brabant
tel +31 413 472 096

Business hours

Mo - Fr: 9:00 - 17:00

Sat: 8:00 - 14:00

Structural timberParquet and floorboardsDoorsWindowsInsulation
Also offers
Structural steelSanitary appliancesStairsSlates, roof tiles and wall copings
Operations on products
Joinery (cleaning dimensioning, drying, surface treatment, etc.)

Sloopwerken Van Kessel & Zn. started their scrapyard in 1964.  The demolition work varies from entire factory terrains to small old Dutch premises. Besides working on various demolition projects, Van Kessel also provides a varied supply of used construction material. New lots of material regularly arrive at the company, meaning the offer is varied, but always steady.

Van Kessel exclusively sells used construction material you can come and view on the “wharf”, which can be visited at your leisure. This primarily refers to used beams, planks and window frames, but also sheet material, multiplex and sanitation equipment. 

Nails are removed from the beams, after which they are sawed and sorted according to size and type.

Last modified: 10/3/2021