Allo Récup'


ZI Les Berlioz - 47 impasse du canal
38 300 Les Eparres

Opening hours

lun -ven : 9h-12h / 14h-18h

Tout élément issu du curage de bâtiments d'enseignement ou tertiaire

Also offers
Transport Demolition Dismanteling

Active since 1993, this company is involved in metal demolition, cleaning and recovery. Its past activities in the purchase and sale of decommissioned and second-hand materials have given it an extensive knowledge of the reuse sector.

On each site, the teams reclaim and sort the finishing materials of the interior work. The materials are carefully referenced, listed and classified in a detailed catalogue that can be consulted on site, the advertisements are published on a second-hand sales website. On this site, sets of elements are also pre-published before being cleaned by the company (complete steel structures, office interior etc.). On average, a reclaimed material on sale costs half the price of the equivalent new material.

The company mostly works on schools and similar typologies, which  gives a good idea of the contemporary materials they reclaimed by the company: roofing elements and external joinery (sheet metal, steel panelling, aluminium or PVC windows), locks, electrical equipment (emergency lighting, luminaire, cable trays, sockets, external spotlights, etc.), fire doors and door closers, sanitary facilities, fire-fighting equipment, metal structures (posts, beams, rails, etc.), glued laminated wooden beams etc …

Last modification: 27/11/2023