Buurman Antwerpen


Kalverstraat 10
2060 Antwerpen

Opening hours

Monday: 10 -16u.
Friday: 10 -16u.
Saturday: 10-13u.

Also offers
Design Dismanteling
Operations on products
Basic woodworking (de-nailing, sawing, etc.) Furniture made with reclaimed material Joinery (cleaning dimensioning, drying, surface treatment, etc.)

At Buurman, they do not perform these operations themselves, but they provide a workshop and the necessary tools. The company also works closely with all kinds of craftsmen and can refer you for specific product operations. 

Buurman Antwerpen, founded in 2020 by three Antwerp architects, is a sister company to Buurman Rotterdam and Buurman Utrecht. In line with the operation of the Dutch branches, the organization has a dual purpose: facilitating the reuse of building materials on the one hand and organizing a workshop operation on the other. Buurman occupies a building behind Park Spoor Noord as its base, from where they focus mainly on the city and province of Antwerp. 

As a reuse dealer they are primarily interested in wood, but other types of building elements and materials can also be found there. Buurman is open to collaborations with all kinds of partners. Private individuals can dispose of their dismantled building materials (always contact them first), but Buurman also dismantles materials themselves and works together with demolition contractors. In addition to reuse, they also focus on residual flows from local manufacturers. All available materials are documented on the website. 

Currently their workshop is mainly focused on wood, for which they can provide the necessary tools. Their workbenches are available for rent by the half or full day, and their website has the necessary information about the courses and workshops that they organize. 

Buurman tries to involve as many local partners as possible in their work, such as craftsmen and artisans, sheltered workshops disabilities and volunteers. Buurman Antwerp is still a young company and in full start-up phase, but for each project they look for the appropriate partners and the suitable tailor-made approach.

Last modification: 27/11/2023