Matériaux d'Antan


Route de Saint Malo
35520 La Mézière

Opening hours

lun-ven 9h-12h / 13h30-18h
Fermé le week-end

Matériaux d'Antan is a small company created by the welcoming Philippe Leroy, a former professor of mechanics, who has two large exhibition areas, one indoor and one outdoor, where a wide variety of materials and elements can be found: paving stones, paving slabs, borders, lintels or troughs in limestone and granite, timber (joists, purlins, beams up to 12 m), woodwork, but also terracotta (bricks, tiles, tomettes), antiques (statues, columns,. .), old gates, joinery, especially doors, or earthenware (washbasins, baths).

The diversity of the components on display and the daily arrival of new items offer a wide choice to visitors. Philippe, whose passion for old materials comes from his uncle who used to recover materials from building sites, also offers preparation work: cleaning and reworking of wooden, stone or marble elements.

Last modification: 27/11/2023