Queen of the South


Hasseltweg 377
3600 Genk

Opening hours

By appointment

Queen of the South is a company founded by the architect Marcel Raymaekers. Its stock rooms are full to the brim with architectural antiques, historical objects and other pieces of cultural heritage from Belgium and elsewhere. Each item is rare and precious, from art-déco doors to blue stone colonnades. The company is well worth a visit, if only for its charm. You could also use the opportunity to have a meal in the brasserie next door, a creation of Marcel Raymaekers himself. 

Until 2015, Marcel managed his business himself. He then sold it to Ludo Hansen. Since then, the business no longer buys reusable materials, but they still have a huge stock. You can still find a selection of more than a thousand doors, numerous railings and an impressive collection of stone floors.

Last modification: 02/03/2022