Bathestia Recup


40200 Moustey


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Bathestia Récup's physical platform project was at the moment of our visit in 2021, under construction. Soon, this association will have a vast place for the resale of reused materials, workshops, and a recycling centre, covering nearly 2500m2, and will offer a range of activities designed to help building professionals, self-builders, DIY enthusiasts, local authorities, architects, designers, artists, etc.

Also, the association plans to offer a wide range of services adapted to the rural environment in which it is developing (the whole rural area around Moustay in the middle of the Landes): waste collection on building sites, waste collection at waste disposal centres, circular (selective) deconstruction, upcycling, manufacture of urban furniture, awareness-raising events, carpentry dismantling unit, etc...

In the meantime, it already offers many services, collects reuse materials and offers their resale.

Last modification: 27/11/2023