De Groene Poort


Peter Benoitstraat 30
8570 Vichte

Opening hours

Tues - Fri: 14h-18h
Sat: 10h-18h
Sun: 14h-18h


Over the years, De Groene Poort has become a respected dealer. Tens of thousands of items from Europe and elsewhere are on display there: old wooden doors and window frames, antique furniture and other curiosities. These materials are bought by the company and prepared for a new use, either in their own workshops or those of their Czech partners. Thanks to the large network of professionals with whom they work, they are able to fulfil all sorts of orders – including made-to-measure productions. One of their specialties is multi-purpose cupboards: Sections of old wooden doors and floors are sawn horizontally through their thickness and transformed into panels to make wardrobes, walls, wood flooring, tables, etc.

Last modification: 27/11/2023