Huismus - Recupmarkt


Doornstraat 90
9940 Belzele

Opening hours

By appointment

Recupmarkt is an initiative of HuisMus bv. As an construction company with a strong ecological vision, HuisMus has been astonished for years by the enormous waste flow generated by the construction sector. That is why they rolled up their sleeves and are trying to recover various building materials via their own platform ( They dismantle, store and clean materials to reuse in their own projects and offer them for sale.

The reup market is expanding rapidly and their ambition is to grow into a 'wholesaler of reclaimed building materials'. They are therefore always looking for motivated customers and companies to work with, as well as architects, contractors, craftsmen, etc. to build a robust network and get a constant flow of material set up. They are open to recovering and giving new life to any type of material!

The modest warehouse north of Ghent currently has doors, wooden panels and beams, bricks, roof tiles and insulation material.


Last modification: 27/11/2023