Poelman V.O.F


Legolaan 8c
9861 AC Grootegast

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 7h-17h
Sat: 8h-12h30

Poelman started selling old building materials in 1980. Demolition activities were added later, with the result that part of their range also comes from their own demolition operations.

The huge range of roof tiles is the first thing that catches the eye on the company’s premises. This means it is very extensive, from old Dutch roof tiles and Frisian wave tiles to the improved Dutch variety - it can all be found there, including various types of fittings. They also have a permanent stock of bricks. The most common of these are Frisian yellows, Groninger hand-formed bricks, Smooth Groninger, Kloostermoppen and the “Bruine Drieling” 3/4 size variety.

Poelman is also a good address for floor tiles, from typical Dutch flagstones to ceramic tiles made in Belgium. In addition, various types of wood (from structural wood to planks) are also offered for sale. The range is completed by old panel doors, cast iron windows and various antique architectural elements.

Last modification: 27/11/2023