Cycle up


4 rue Martel
75010 Paris


Du mardi au jeudi de 08h00 à 16h00.

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For the past 3 years, Cycle Up has been developing tools and services for players in the circular economy. In March 2021, the company, in partnership with Bouvelot TP and ARES, will open a 1000m2 temporary warehouse in Saint Ouen, intended for construction professionals looking for reuse materials and for professionals and project owners looking to put their materials into circulation to give them a second life. 

This place allows them to store and recondition at least the materials taken in charge by the company. The materials are mainly finishing materials: lighting, sanitary fittings, doors, carpets, parquet flooring and electrical equipment. The supply is almost continuous, and the materials come almost exclusively from within Paris and the Seine-Saint-Denis department (93).

At the same time, the company offers an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. This platform brings together a larger quantity of materials, but only those in the warehouse can be consulted before the sale.

Last modification: 27/11/2023