Mercator & Co - Antieke Bouwmaterialen


Westeinde 20
7991 RV Dwingeloo

Opening hours

Wed - Fri: 9h - 18h
Sat: 9h- 17h
Sun - Tue by appointment

Mercator & Co is run by the father and son from one of the oldest farms in Drenthe. The sale of old and antique building materials resulted from years of activity in restoration work.

From unique statues and wooden chandeliers to lots of 1000 m² of ceramic tiles and antique parquet, the range of building materials and interior finishing materials is very varied. Many of the materials come from the demolition or renovation of old churches, barracks, monasteries and schools. A large part of them come from Belgium and France, though some rare pieces come from far outside of Europe.

At Mercator & Co, they have their own workshop for cleaning and preparing the materials, such as natural stone, tiles and parquet. The processing of wood and the cutting of old beams into planks is also done on site. Thanks to their restoration experience, the father and son team can assist their customers in choosing the right materials and suitable installation methods.

In addition to the recovered materials, they also sell aged new materials and replicas.

Last modification: 27/11/2023