Rue de Libersart 1
1457 Walhain
50° 38' 57.9372" N, 4° 42' 45.468" E
tel 01 068 03 53
VAT: BE 0424 605 622

Business hours

Mon to Sat 9h-17h

Also offers
Structural timberParquet and floorboardsTilesFlagstonesArchitectural antiquesSanitary appliancesStone steps and sillsRadiatorsTimber planks, studs and plywood panels

Dismantling, except for listed buildings. Advice on implementation.


Operations on products
Resizing and reframing of doors and windows
Stone surface treatment
Stone cutting

Cutting and working stone, stripping and resizing doors.


Conditions of purchase
All types of door from before the 1950s.

This family business, created in 1983, welcomes you to “the pink farm”, a large farmhouse dating from the second half of the 17th century. A major specialist in pre-1950 doors, Aremat also sells a wide range of other materials, including blue stone and oak beams. If you are looking for a door, or a set of doors, Aremat offers a sizing and stripping service. They can also give you advice on the installation. In a very short time, Aremat can come to your home and buy your doors, if they meet Arerat’s criteria. Their business covers the whole of Belgium, as well as France and Luxembourg.

Last modified: 1/23/2020