Bobbenagelseweg 10a
5491 VL Sint-Oedenrode
51° 34' 0.0876" N, 5° 25' 52.7556" E
tel +31 413 490 524

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Mon - Fri 8h-17h / Saturday 8h-13h

Toilettes pour le Chiro d'Itterbeek

Une variété d'éléments de réemploi pour un petit bâtiment neuf

A côté de l'ancienne ferme qui abrite le Chiro de Itterbeek (Dilbeek), se trouve un nouveau bâtiment qui sert de bloc sanitaire. Cette extension, conçue par Rotor, peut difficilement...

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Woodwork: sanding and planing
Woodwork: sawing, tongue and groove

Planks sawn from beams. is a branch of the company A. van Liempd and acts as a sales platform for this demolition firm based in the Netherlands, at Sint-Oedenrode. In the warehouse where the materials are carefully stored, there are, among other things, structural timber, steel girders, insulation materials, frames, doors, etc. 

This reusable materials dealer has developed a service worthy of the best suppliers of new materials: an updated on-line store, fixed prices, a delivery service and a customer service, etc. The business is well equipped with woodworking tools, so beams, for example, can be sawn into planks. 

The demolition firm A. van Liempd and are innovative actors in the circular economy. They were one of the first European suppliers to get an FSC label for reusable solid wood.